Episode 016: Elephant Child

    As you may have noticed, if you’ve stuck around for various episodes’ credits, I get a good bit of help in post-production (and occasionally while shooting) from talented editors who have donated their time to helping my show continue to get released as regularly as we can. Will Koons has done a fantastic job on a number of episodes, and today he also lent his ear, by recommending that I invite Elephant Child on the show to tape an episode. Good call, Will.
    Elephant Child is an amazingly unique and fun band, before the taping Aaron warned that they would be the loudest act featured on the show, which may be completely accurate. Their music is a unique blend of styles, pulling from garage, grunge, psych, surf, punk, and many more depending on what the song may call for. Their live setup is a wall of vintage amps that I wish I could have squeezed into the red room, but the volume was too intense. Lyrically, the songs tell stories inspired by turn of the century tales of adventure and archeology mixed with middle eastern atmospheres and tradition. Narratives about phantom women and telepaths blend with brilliant musicianship from each member to create a music that feels both old and new blazing at a fever pace.
    The band has released a cassette through Harissonburg, VA’s Funny/Not Funny Records, and they remain an active member of the independent scene in town. They tour the surrounding states frequently, so visit their label page, and their bandcamp page to find dates and listen to their other recordings.